rock your hoodie for trayvon (and sign the petition)

(i am) isis rocks hoodie in honor of Trayvon

i had to dig deep in my closet for the only hoodie-like piece of clothing i have in support/honor of 17 y/o Trayvon Martin, who was sensely gunned down in cold-blooded murder by a neighborhood watch vigilante.

in what world math class does “black + hoodie + skittles + tea = shooting target”?

(if you’ve been disconnected from the world, read some recent articles here or here about this heart wrenching tragedy.)

my brother is 17. he rocks hoodies. he eats skittles and loves tea (in fact, i owe him some next time i hit jersey). and, i would be writing this from a jail cell if that were him lying there cold.

and, yet, he IS Trayvon and, so am i – and so are you.

Million Hoodie March

now, i know one person donning a hoodie doesn’t mean much individually, but there is solidarity/comfort in knowing that folks around the world are sick and tired of being sick and tired. and something has to give.

i stood among hundreds of folks today, hoodied up or not, at union square in support of this young man and in support of a more equitable future. one in which we hold folks accountable for their deeds. one that doesn’t reek of Amadou or Till.

in this “post racial” America, it seems we are rewinding back to the Jim Crow era (have you been paying attention to the Republican debates?) and it scares the heck out of me. but, i am also glad to see that scores of every day folks are FINALLY opening their mouths!

so i am rocking this hoodie today in hopes that we can mobilize for a better tomorrow. and, after you’ve checked out the links, i encourage you, to then post your own hoodie shot on Facebook AND sign the petition to prosecute Trayvon’s killer

start there. and, hopefully, you’ll be moved to do even more.




  • Kimberly Steward


    Very moving!!

  • Darren Smalls


    Justice for trayvon. zimmermen needs to be convicted for the murder of the innocent. It goes to show you how corrupted our judicial system really is….

  • Iris Walters


    I just pray that the truth be revealed and justice is served. His death was unnecessary and an eye-opener that racism still exists.

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