BTS: Live Recording @ Copperfish Sound

(i am) isis @ Copperfish Soundthe band and i were recently invited by the amazing TreZure Empire for a live video and audio recording session of “Drive Me” with Colby Devereux at his Copperfish Sound in Williamsburg. we had a blast!

it was our first time there and we really didn’t know what to expect, but the studio was awesome!! it has such great character to it –  eclectic, mismatch-y and colorful — and even greater sound. Isaac (on keys) was in love with how “clean the recording was!” He was also trying to figure out how to come back and play every last one of the electric pianos and keyboards in the back. LOL. we are definitely looking at coming back for a full-day session. (the space was THAT bomb!)

Colby was really great with setting up all these funky camera angles with all types of cameras, from what looked like a hand held digital to a professional HD something or other (i know NOTHING about cameras). we’re really looking forward to the final product. #cantwait to share it with you all!

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    Beautiful work! Looking forward to hereing more.The misic and vocals, yall did your things.

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