weed arrests higher amongst blacks (same sh!t, different report) [video]

just heard about the latest report from the ACLU, “The War on Marijuana in Black and White” with data that more blacks go to jail than whites for possession of a dime — or whatever coin denomination –bag of green (yeah, i don’t smoke so my lingo may be a bit off).

anyway, the report shows that though whites and black use weed at basically the same rate (2% diff), blacks are nearly 4 (FOUR) times more likely to get arrested for possession…

AND, of course, my former stomping grounds state, Minnesota, ranks in the top six of all states in the country with the highest disparity. great. that’s #MinnesotaNice for you.

well, duh. another report reveals the ugly truth that we are still NOT a post-racial America and that racism is as destructive as ever. everyone already knew that.

i want to see the report that shows how we change it. how we “police the police”, how we end “stop and frisk”, stop criminalizing an ENTIRE community and come together for change.

anyhoo. click above and watch activist (and friend) Kevin Powell share his thoughts on “All In” on MSNBC