official statement: we’re not bowing down to terrorism

(i am) isis

after careful thought and consideration, we have decided to make an official statement about our name. not because we think our fans would ever connect us to terrorism, but because we’d just rather be in front of the conversation.

we’re not changing our name. changing our name would be conceding to those terror organizations — who don’t even know what they want to be called — and their heinous acts. anyone who knows us, knows we don’t bow down. we don’t bow down to injustices or stereotypes of any kind. we don’t bow down to bullshit and we’re sure as hell not bowing down to terrorism.

(i am) isis is in no way affiliated with nor do we support ISIS or any other terrorists. in fact, we are an eclectic indie band that fuses rock, soul and jazz with a bluesy funk for the new millennium. (shameless plug).

our founder and front-woman, isis has already challenged the misnomer that black women don’t do rock music. our band has already challenged the idea that we need to change who we are to be accepted commercially. as a band, we will challenge the idea that we have to drop our identities anytime something evil comes our way. unfortunately, we are in a period where war is all around us and we cannot afford to, we refuse to, lose who we are in the face of adversity.

with that in mind, it is our hope our name (i am) isis does not offend those who have lost loved ones and are continually affected by the terrorist group ISIS’ actions. we continue to send our love and prayers for peace.

— (i am) isis

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