#EarGasm: Jidenna is a “Classic Man”

totally digging this new jawn, “Classic Man“, from Jidenna. it’s the first single from Janelle Monae‘s Wondaland Records compilation due this May and the beat bangs.

plus, i’m loving the visuals and color treatment shot by Alan Ferguson (Solange’s husband and video director extraordinaire). Jidenna is giving all sorts of style and swag in this vid, from conked-out side part and walking cane to 3-piece suit and bow-tie. and let’s not forget the shoe game.

i saw this and immediately thought of our keyboardist Isaac, who is quietly sneaking his suits/suspenders into our shows… (don’t worry, we see you Isaac).

back to the music. i must admit i never heard of Brooklyn-based Jidenna before this, but i’m feeling his R&B/hip-hop funk genre. i mean, who doesn’t like a classic man, especially when every madame on his team is a top general.

so, press play and get your jam on.