the band is getting a (new) name

hey lovelies, we are officially giving the band its own name. i’ve been fighting this for the past few months, but i have to for the love and safety of my fans, for the love and safety of the amazing musicians who i rock with. no, we are NOT terrorists, but i’ve received calls on how to join “ISIS”, been asked why i would choose to share a name with terrorists and so much more. this is just ridiculous. we didn’t choose to share a name. the media chose to give them our (mine and tens of thousands of other women) name.

and this hurts, because Isis is an Egyptian goddess symbolizing rebirth, healing and so much more. it is a name i have carried since i was a preteen. the name has carried power and positivity in my life and hundreds of thousands of others. but, it has become associated with a terror organization that a year ago, we hoped would disappear. in the past few months, there have continued to be unimaginably violent attacks on innocent victims under the name of  ISIS and we can no longer be associated with the name out of concern that we will be associated with violence.

this is not about bowing down to terrorists, but we can’t trade anyone’s safety for the sake of a brand. my name is isis, i will never change my identity, but the band is a brand – and this is a media issue that has to be dealt with. since the media still calls them ISIS, we had to make the hard decision to stop calling our brand the same thing.

it’s hurtful to know that when someone searches for me — a woman who breathes, eats and sleeps girl power, community empowerment and human rights — they are finding me next to the latest reports on such heinous atrocities. it’s unbearable and unacceptable. and it’s heartbreaking.

but, we are not broken. stay tuned, as we will be announcing our new name and info at the top of the year.