praying for gold: tyler perry’s for colored girls

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i was introduced to ntozake’s “for colored girls” at the age of 17 – when i thought i knew it all, and knew nothing. i have colored myself crimson and scarlet adorned with aqua butterflies. beau willie has killed my child in three different productions. i have re-mixed the women, enjoining them to barbershops and boogiemen found in the call and response of keith antar mason’s “for black boys: who have considered homicide when the streets were too rough”.

for colored girls is special. damn near sacred. a testament, a testimony to colored women everywhere. she who comes with her own things indoctrinated us in a rainbow of blood healing in six harlem blocks, down the street from toussaint, across pyramids intermingled with rape, healing, death and God.

and when i found out we let the chittlin’ circuit king who has yet to fully develop a woman’s character lay hands on something so… so… so… precious… i was torn. this man with the midas touch will bring these stories to the masses, but will it be gold or coal?

and, then, i see this trailer. this is not what i expected. and i am intrigued. a lady in white. a different kind of dialogue. what will we find at the end of this rainbow?

for the sake of its sanctity, i am praying for gold.