viewmaster: Jamel Shabazz captures the birth of hip-hop

Jamel Shabazz | Back in the Daysthe trailer above is for a new documentary, Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer, highlighting the renowned Brooklyn photographer, artist and educator. his lens has captured more than three decades of New York history.

this man ALWAYS has a camera in hand (even ones that require “film” to be developed. remember those?) and he’s ALWAYS down to help the younger generation make their mark. just ask my sis. he’s definitely taken time out of his day to provide guidance and connect her with good folks.

filmed by Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn, the doc chronicles Shabazz, his place in hip-hop history and the art of street photography. featuring KRS-1, Fab 5 Freddy and DJ Bobbito Love, it’s already been screened at BAM and the Harlem Reel Festival in New York. it’s sure to be a summer staple.

Shabazz has also just released Back in the Days: Remix – an expanded collection of his original 2001 work of ground-breaking images of the birth of hip-hop culture in New York. yep, he’s pretty amazing. check him out.