BORN RELIC [formerly known as (i am) isis] is an award-winning high energy, in-your-face band formed and fronted by soul-rock-phenom, isis. The band consists of guitarist Diamond Dave, keyboardist Isaac Childs and guest musicians who bring her crazy, color-filled melodies to life on stage.

Of Liberian parents, the Newark-born, Minneapolis-raised poet/singer has been described as “an edgy and fresh brand of soulful truth”, who is both haunting and mesmerizing. isis has also been featured as Soul Train’s artist of the month, following her debut video “Drive Me” on Comcast On-Demand.

The band’s sound has been compared to such legends as Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz and Lauryn Hill. Overall, the five-piece crew considers their sound an eclectic fusion of rock and spoken soul, with a bluesy funk for the new millennium.

The Brooklyn-based band recently released their EP, Mosaic. The six-track project marks BORN RELIC’s first all-band release following isis’ solo project, amazingly random, which featured the 2012 National Poetry Award-winning Spoken Word Single/Performance of the Year single “I Saw You.”

Mosaic has been dubbed “an energetic masterpiece” of rock and soul music by Black On The Canvas. It features the popular singles “Get Free”, an inspiring anthem for change, and “Take It Back”, which VIBE has dubbed a “no-nonsense, head-banging, unabashed girl-power anthem.”

Their mission is simple: find you, feel you and free you.

That mission has allowed isis and BORN RELIC to grace the stages of premiere venues and events across the country, from New York and Minneapolis to Los Angeles and North Carolina. Their live shows showcase an affinity for rock-infused guitars and thrashing delivery. Their performance style has been characterized as an energetic explosion of power and grace.

Most bands try to be unique. BORN RELIC just is. With a voice as big as her hair, come for isis’ powerhouse vocals and stay for a sonic revolution.