#EarGasm: Algiers’ Rock Gospel Is Everything

“you fight for centuries for change and they give you more of the same…” politics. power. exploitation. now,  i’m always down for a good message in a song – and Algiers is delivering in the tunes i’ve Youtube-searched in the past hour since finding the gem, “Irony. Utility. Pretext.”, above. they are described as an electro-punk-rock-gospel type crew andContinue Reading

#EarGasm: Jidenna is a “Classic Man”

totally digging this new jawn, “Classic Man“, from Jidenna. it’s the first single from Janelle Monae‘s Wondaland Records compilation due this May and the beat bangs. plus, i’m loving the visuals and color treatment shot by Alan Ferguson (Solange’s husband and video director extraordinaire). Jidenna is giving all sorts of style and swag in this vid, fromContinue Reading

‘Mosaic’ EP Drops November 28!

it’s official! we’re releasing our EP ‘Mosaic’, November 28!  so proud and so blessed to rock with this amazing group of guys! ‘Mosaic’ speaks to how we’ve brought together this multi-faceted unit, with all of our influences, to paint very distinct musical pictures. and, hopefully, everyone who listens will see a piece of their own selvesContinue Reading